Nestled in the middle of the world-famous Orange County in California, Huntington Beach is also widely known as "Surf City," due to the large numbers of surfers the area's beaches draw annually. The city beach stretches 3.5 miles of the shoreline, while the state beach boasts 121 acres of land set aside for swimming, playing, surfing, sunbathing, and all sorts of fun beach activities. And you can have a free parking pass to any of the city beach parking areas if you buy your next car from DeLillo Chevrolet!

Year-round temperatures range from high 70s to the mid 60s, making Huntington Beach a perfect, comfortable temperature all year-round. Plus, even on the cooler days, you can find things to do that don't require you to go in the water. For example, Huntington State Beach has volleyball and basketballs courts, firepits for making bonfires, and an 8.5-mile trail. In addition, Huntington Beach is home to the world-famous Huntington Beach Pier, which is not only one of the longest piers on the West Coast but also a historical landmark that has existed since the beach's creation in 1904.

So what are you waiting for? DeLillo Chevrolet is offering a free parking pass to the purchase of any new car, or the purchase of any used car over $20,000! These parking passes will give you access to the Main Promenade Parking Structure, lots by the boat ramp and by the Warner Avenue Fire Station, meters along the Pacific Coast Highway, meter lots between Goldenwest and Seapoint Street, and all beach parking lots from Beach Boulevard to the pier.

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